#TroopsNOTtrump--Tell Trump: Stay Out of Iran

President Donald J. Trump


In “honor” of President Trump’s commencement speech to the Air Force Academy May 30th, we invite you to make a big statement for those who serve and against the man who is putting those graduating Air Force Academy young men and women, and all of our military, in harm’s way. #TroopsNOTtrump

This Public Statement will be read aloud at a Press Conference in front of City Hall in Colorado Springs on May 29th at 11:00 am. You are welcome to respectfully attend.

In honor of the cadets, please also consider donating to the respected organization Veterans for American Ideals. A link will be provided after you sign.

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To: President Donald J. Trump
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We, the undersigned groups and individuals, honor the 2019 graduates of the United States Air Force Academy and all those who serve and have served in defense of our great nation.

President Trump and his administration’s irresponsible, disrespectful and harmful policies and actions are on a path to placing these young men and women in harm’s way. Donald Trump is seriously considering sending 120,000 troops to Iran to impose “regime change.”The last time we pursued regime change through force, it destabilized a region and led to the deaths of nearly 4,500 troops and 32,000 wounded in action.

President Trump’s foreign policy erodes our safety as he warmongers, break agreements, loses allies and increases anti-American sentiment around the world.

We demand President Trump not lead our nation into war with Iran and not put our military’s lives in needless danger. We urge President Trump to rebuild our nation’s reputation abroad, and to stop his dangerous hollowing-out of our Diplomatic Corps.

We demand Congress explicitly denies President Trump the authority to start a new war with Iran, by co-sponsoring H.R. 2354 in the House and S. 1039 in the Senate.

We call on all citizens, regardless of political affiliation, to hold President Trump and his administration to account for the tax dollars he has and plans to divert from essential military programs into sham border emergencies and useless border walls.

In honor of these new graduates, we say to President Trump: "We see the harm you inflict, harm that will last for generations, and we will hold you to account."