President Trump: Stop Attacks on Federal Employees' Retirement Security!

President Trump

President Trump recently announced his plan to attack the retirement security of hard-working federal employees throughout the United States.

His 2018 budget will force federal employees to pay more out-of-pocket for their pension, while simultaneously cutting their retirement benefits.  Paying more to get less?  This is no way to support America’s working families.

Trump’s plan is an attack on communities across this country. 79% of federal employees work in the states, serving in jobs as diverse as forest service workers and national park rangers to Social Security administrators and astronauts.

Tell President Trump to stop his attacks on the retirement security of our federal employees!

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We have a retirement security crisis in the United States. Forcing federal employees to pay more for less generous retirement benefits is unfair, unnecessary, and hurts local communities like mine.

The federal government employs Americans in every state. In fact, 79% of the federal workforce lives outside of the Washington, DC-region. Your proposed budget will have severe, long-lasting consequences for communities across the country.

I urge you to cease these attacks on the retirement security of our federal workers.