Pressure Barcelona Brookline to Compost!!

Barcelona Brookline

Massachusetts food businesses produce enough food waste to fill 20 Fenway Parks annually!! Food that isn't disposed of properly, i.e. thrown into landfills, burned, buried has such a direct impact on climate change.

Why is it important to compost?

- When food waste goes to a landfill (which is where it ends up if you don’t compost), it releases methane gas into the air. Methane is 40 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of trapping heat and contributing to climate change.

- When you compost, you not only eliminate the methane production caused by landfilled organic material, but you also allow the compost in the soil to act as a sponge for carbon in the air. This process of carbon sequestration literally pulls carbon out of the air into the earth, at the same time improving the nutrition and moisture retention of the soi

- Composting closes the food loop, allowing spoiled food, food scraps, and food waste to return to the earth and help grow new food, enriching the soil with essential nutrients that lead to tastier fruits and vegetables.


It is therefore the responsibility of restaurants such as Barcelona Brookline to make concerted efforts to improve their wasteful food disposal habits. Please take action by signing this petition to get Barcelona Brookline to compost their food waste.


-- A concerned customer

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Husayn Karimi
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Dear Barcelona Brookline,

As an integral part of our community, we want you to represent the values of your customers. We would like you to start composting your food waste.

Thank you