Add your name: Protect the health and safety of ALL caregivers

The U.S. Federal Government

National emergencies require us to move beyond business as usual and come together as a nation. Our federal government must act with urgency. We must call on the Trump Administration and Congress do what’s right for all working people.

On behalf of 400,000 long term care workers in California on the front lines of this crisis, we demand immediate action by the federal government to secure the health, safety, and long-term economic well-being of America’s caregivers, regardless of where they work, their race, their immigration status, or current healthcare coverage.

Add your name to demand that the Trump Administration and Congress protect the health and safety of ALL caregivers!

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We demand that you protect our health and safety by investing in long term care workers to ensure we have the paid time off, access to healthcare, increased safety precautions at work, and equitable treatment no matter where we are from or what race we are!