Protect Children from Cannabis Candy

Governor Gavin Newsom

Please join us in protecting children from being harmed by cannabis products that look like candy. Let's send a message to Governor Newsom that this is unacceptable and it is time for him to act and protect our kids.

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To: Governor Gavin Newsom
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We are writing to urge you to enact a ‘Cannabis Candy Ban’ to prohibit the sale and advertising of cannabis products that resemble candy and children’s snacks and are attractive to kids.

Across the state, cannabis businesses sell products that resemble popular candy and snack products from gummy worms to Nachos. Many cannabis businesses use bright colors, cartoon images, animals, and fonts clearly meant to appeal to kids. Cannabis vapes are often marketed using fruity or sweet flavors known to attract teens.

The number of children being accidentally poisoned by cannabis has risen dramatically. Emergency room visits due to cannabis use have skyrocketed. Children have brought in cannabis edibles that resemble Skittles, Cheetos, or other candy products into their schools and have become sick. Others are vaping cannabis marketed as fruit flavored at school.

When you led the campaign to legalize cannabis back in 2016, you included language in the ballot measure to prohibit cannabis businesses from marketing to kids. Unfortunately, the promise to protect kids has not been fulfilled.

We urge you to take action to strengthen laws and regulations to put a stop to this now. As our governor, you have the power to eliminate this harmful marketing to children and youth.

By signing below, we express our strong support for a statewide ‘Cannabis Candy Ban.’

Thank you for leadership on behalf of children and families.