Protect Free Speech In Missouri

The Missouri Legislature

Right now there are multiple bills filed and moving in the Missouri legislature that are a direct attack on your fundamental First Amendment rights. From broadening the definition of "unlawful assembly” to enhancing criminal penalties to felonies for engaging in an “unlawful assembly” which can come with 4 years in prison, these are threats to speech. These bills target protestors while limiting basic accountability measures for law enforcement.  Let your representatives know you won't stand for it. Ask them to vote NO on SB 66, SB 26, HB 56, and HB 57.

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St. Louis, MO

To: The Missouri Legislature
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With numerous bills filed that are a threat to our constitutional values meant to chill speech while misusing the criminal justice system to jail those who dissent it is imperative you uphold the constitution and protect all Missourians' First Amendment Rights. If passed they would be at great cost to our state, spent in both lost liberty and tangible resources used to incarcerate dissenters.

If history holds true, we know that these laws will be disproportionately used to prosecute already marginalized voices of Black and Brown Missourians. I strongly urge you to vote NO on SB 66, SB 26, HB 56, HB 57, and any legislation aimed at enhancing fines & penalties for citizens engaged in assembly.