Protect in-person visitation in California jails

The Honorable Jerry Brown

In-person visitation is crucial to the well-being of incarcerated people and their families. And there are many benefits for our communities too: in-person visitation has been shown to reduce recidivism, increase the chances of securing employment post-release, and facilitate successful reentry.

Yet, 18 California counties have eliminated, or plan to eliminate or severely restrict in-person visits in at least one of their jails. These counties have decided that video calling an incarcerated loved one from the jail lobby allows for the same human connection as an in-person visit. We know that’s not true.

That’s why we strongly support SB 1157 (Mitchell)- Strengthening Family Connections: In-Person Visitation. SB 1157 would allow counties to install and use video visitation as a supplemental option but would prevent them from eliminating in-person visitation.

Do you have personal experience with video visitation or jail/prison visitation in general? Do you support a family's right to stay in touch through incarceration? Please tell California Governor Jerry Brown what visitation means to you and why he should sign SB 1157. Thank you!

To: The Honorable Jerry Brown
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SB 1157 (Mitchell) will strengthen family connections, improve public safety, and help build healthy communities by protecting in-person visitation in jails across California.

I strongly support SB 1157 and ask for your signature on this important legislation.