Protect LA Residents' Health and Safety — Not Oil Industry Interests!

LA City & LA County

After years of delays, both the City of Los Angeles and County Board of Supervisors are finally preparing to move forward on addressing community demands to end urban oil drilling. Local officials have gone on record saying they want to see aggressive action, including a full phaseout of oil drilling within Los Angeles.

But as hopeful as that might be, we know from experience how words and deeds don't always line up. Big Oil has been aggressively fighting against any changes to oil regulations, and are pushing as hard as they can to delay and disrupt this process in any way possible.

In both the City and the County our demand is one and the same: frontline communities have waited long enough. It's time to commit to real solutions that will quickly serve to end the extraction, protect our health, and support oil and gas workers in beginning the much needed job of dismantling and cleaning up these drill sites. This is also an important step toward transitioning Los Angeles off of fossil fuels completely.

With compounding crises on LA's doorstep, we can't afford to take any more half measures. Moving LA to 100% clean energy must be coupled with a full phaseout of oil drilling.

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For decades, Los Angeles County’s oil industry has been given free rein to drill for health-harming fossil fuels in the center of our communities. There are oil wells in our backyards, on school campuses, and next to our hospitals. Los Angeles residents living near oil wells are exposed to carcinogenic chemicals, asthma attack-inducing emissions, and the threat of catastrophic accidents or explosions.

While Los Angeles claims to be a leader on climate action, we continue to concentrate impacts in low-income communities and communities of color.

We are far past the time for LA to establish rules to protect public health from oil extraction. We must commit to real solutions that protect residents' health, create pathways for workers to transition into the work of decommissioning these sites and into dignified, family-supporting jobs, and end this extractive practice once and for all. It’s time for bold action to transition away from fossil fuels in Los Angeles!

I urge you to phase out oil production across all of Los Angeles by declaring oil drilling a non-conforming land use and establishing a 5-year phase-out period for ALL drilling.