Protect Our Health: Stop Cricket Valley Fracked Gas Plant

Governor Andrew Cuomo


We are petitioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to take immediate action to shut down Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVE), which would be the largest fracked gas plant, at 1100-megawatts, in the Northeast, IF it begins operation this Spring.  

Since CVE was proposed over a decade ago in 2009, scientists, elected officials, and residents have argued that similar projects must be replaced by investments in large-scale renewable energy and battery storage. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are living in a very different world and it is abundantly clear that we need to take the necessary precautions to ensure we’re not locking ourselves into unsustabilable, dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure. Opponents of the plant point to research and studies about the negative effects burning fracked gas/methane has on the climate crisis, air quality, community health, water supply, and surrounding eco-systems.  

Charles Davenport of Stop Cricket Valley Energy LLC: "Future generations will look at this project and others like it as outrageous crimes against humanity. This plant will be a major source of pollution, yet it's being built within 2 miles of 3 schools, and could potentially impact the health of more than 1300 children. Our grandchildren will ask "WHY? Why did people allow these projects, which only benefited corporate investors, to be built?"

CVE is tucked away in a rural agricultural community, just across the border from Connecticut residents who had no say in the matter but will suffer the consequences. It was permitted without any input from the Schaghticoke people- an indigenous community with their reservation less than 2 miles from the plant. The reservation, established in 1736, one of the oldest in Turtle Island, is located in Connecticut next to the NY state border. The plant is adjacent to the Great Swamp, NY’s largest freshwater wetland, which is home to a variety of ecosystems and wildlife, including bald eagles and the critically endangered bog turtle.

Cindy Davis of Western Connecticut Clean Air Action: “As a Connecticut resident, I am very upset about Cricket Valley Energy Center. The pollutants released in the air will travel into New Milford and be trapped due to topography. The pollutants released contain detrimental chemicals contributing to asthma, birth defects and other health problems. The plant was already approved and in construction when Connecticut residents learned about the plant.”

It doesn't have to be this way-- there is an alternative-- a clean-energy future through wind, water, and sunlight. As a 2013 Cornell/Stanford report found, extrapolating for our county, right here in Dutchess, our county could create literally 67,000 new green construction jobs each year, 800 new green jobs each year, saving $537 million annually and the lives of 59 Dutchess residents each year.

Dutchess County and New York State would do well, instead to follow the amazing example of GOP San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who, working together with the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, just agreed to make the entire city fossil-fuel-free by 2035-- to create green jobs, save on energy/electricity, clean local air, and cut carbon emissions (along with 1400 other mayors across our country this year working with Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign).

We’re calling upon Governor Cuomo to do the right thing. His father shut down Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant nearly three decades ago, when it was fully constructed but had not begun to operate. We hope the Governor will have the foresight and courage to follow in his father's footsteps, and fulfill his destiny as a true climate leader.

Call Governor Cuomo at 877-235-6537 and tell him to stop Cricket Valley!


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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo
From: [Your Name]

Dear Honorable Governor Cuomo,

We are experiencing the immediate public health threat of Covid-19. As citizens of this great state, we appreciate the quick, clear steps you have taken towards protecting our health and for being a positive role model.

We are also experiencing the immediate and grave public health crisis of climate change. We agree that the responsible thing for us to do at this time is to follow the steps you have outlined in addressing Covid-19 and to avoid large public gatherings. However, we can not silence our call for you to take positive and immediate actions to lessen the climate crisis, specifically the urgent need for you to shut down the Cricket Valley Energy Center now.

Every new fossil fuel power plant that is permitted to operate, every fracked gas pipeline that is hooked up for service, every compressor station that is expanded sends our Earth barreling toward catastrophic climate changes that impact the health of our children. Will the Earth be sustainable? Will the Earth be habitable? The science is irrefutable and we are running out of time.

Dear Governor, you have three children. Please help them and our children. Please be the climate leader that you say you want to be. Please, you cannot quarantine climate change. Please treat climate change as the public health crisis that it is and SHUT DOWN CRICKET VALLEY ENERGY.