Protect Our Voter Registration Rolls

Dean Logan, Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters


More than 100,000 people in over 1,500 precincts in Los Angeles County were removed from voter registration rolls at the polls due to a glitch. However, there have yet to be satisfactory reasons or reporting as to why this problem occurred in the first place.

It is obvious that many components of our election systems have not been adequately protected. The 2016 Election saw a number of issues with voter registration rolls throughout the country. This is likely to continue in the future, well into the next election cycle. We must demand that this issue be addressed immediately and our movement needs your support in this process.

If accountability in our voting systems is important to you, please take action by signing this petition. And together, let's demand that our elected officials protect our voter registration rolls from further "glitches."

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Ruben Major, EMT-Paramedic, J.D., M.A.
Candidate for Secretary of State
“Running with Ruben for Major Change"
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To: Dean Logan, Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters
From: [Your Name]

The problems occurring in this June's Primary Election, including the 100,000+ voters in more than 1,500 precincts who were unjustly removed from the voter registration rolls, are unacceptable. We need to have a real solution which adequately protects our elections now and moving forward.

We want fair, honest, and transparent elections. We are concerned about the impact that glitches, errors, and mishaps in our voter registration rolls have on our elections.

As we have seen problems related to the purging of voter rolls and voter registration changes throughout the country in recent years, we demand that you take immediate action to protect our voter rolls from any future problems. We are not satisfied with any answer that does not actually address the problem and we are not satisfied with non-action in this case.