Protect Pennsylvania’s students and taxpayers by signing a petition for a moratorium on the activities of the State Charter Appeal Board.

Governor Tom Wolf and members of the Pennsylvania Senate

Tom Corbett was voted out of office more than four years ago, yet his appointees continue to control the Charter School Appeal Board (CAB), a powerful body that can overturn school board decisions to deny charter school applications and strip communities of control over their education systems and finances.

All five appointed members of the CAB are Corbett nominees and all of them have expired terms. One seat is vacant.

We are joining our allies, Public Citizens for Children in Youth, in calling for a moratorium on proceedings of the CAB until a full complement of CAB members is proposed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for unexpired terms. Further, we call on the Governor and the Senate both to immediately reach agreement on a balanced slate of nominees who will protect the interests of our students and taxpayers and to ensure those nominees are confirmed post haste.

Petition by
Ed Voters
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Harrisburg, PA

To: Governor Tom Wolf and members of the Pennsylvania Senate
From: Brian Mixtacki

Our students and taxpayers are being trumped by a Charter School Appeal Board comprised entirely of Corbett administration appointees, who like the former Governor, are out-of-date and out-of-step with the needs of our students and schools.

The Pennsylvania Charter School Appeal Board (CAB) has unmatched capacity to undermine duly elected school boards and sweeping powers that can undercut the educational resources available to public school students across the state. Currently, five board members are serving expired terms and one seat sits vacant.

Given the potential for harm that this board can cause to our students and taxpayers, we call on you, Governor Wolf and members of the Pennsylvania Senate, to immediately agree on a full slate of appointees and until you do so, we demand that all of the board’s proceedings are suspended.