Protect Quiet Waters Park, our communities, our voice - say no to Parkside Preserve mega-development

Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides

Quiet Waters Park and nearby communities are under threat from a is a proposed 152-unit, 40-acre development project ironically called the Parkside Preserve. It proposes to clear 12-acres of State-protected priority forest and impact approximately 10-acres of wetlands that serve as the headwaters for Quiet Waters Park, Hunt Meadow, and Harness Creek.

Many mistakes have happened with this project. Including the developers getting approval through misrepresentation, the public getting turned away at a public hearing, and the City giving approval to clear what is State and City protected forest.

Our legal appeal has failed when the judge dismissed our case because of the City's failure to properly adopt the forest laws. The only person left who can fix this is Mayor Pantelides. He has the power and legal authority to do so.

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To: Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides
From: [Your Name]

We are asking that you utilize your authority to revoke the approval of the Parkside Preserve development project.

We are concerned about this project's impacts to Quiet Waters Park, nearby communities, and our Quality of life.

We want an opportunity to have our voices heard and to not be turned away yet again by the City.

We want you to honor the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan that states that a guiding environmental policy is to “protect and restore environmentally sensitive areas and other natural resources within the City," and sets a tree canopy goal of 50% by 2036.

You have repeatedly promised some community members that you would protect the priority forest on this property, and we ask you to honor that promise.