Protect Rural Areas from Covid-19 spread though pipeline mancamps

Governors of Virginia and West Virginia

Pipeline Mancamps

Rural regions are in danger of being exposed to the Covid-19 from non-essential out-of-state pipeline construction workers.

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​It's the responsibility of governors to protect all the people in their states including rural regions. The Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction projects require transient pipeline workers from across the country who specialize in high capacity pipelines. They set up "mancamps" with RVs and trailers in rural areas and frequent small local grocery stores.

Rural regions have limited access to health care facilities. At least one doctor, from a rural county that hosted a MVP "mancamp" last year, has been deployed to a Covid-19 hot zone.

It would be irresponsible to allow transient workers who might be carrying the Covid-19 virus to work on non-essential projects during this health care crisis. Governors must add pipeline construction workers to the non-essential stay-at-home list, until after the Covid-19 crisis has passed.