Protect the Frontline Health Care Workers Who Are Protecting Oregon!

Governor Kate Brown and Oregon's Hospitals and Health Care Employers

Oregon nurses and frontline health care workers are risking their lives everyday to save the lives of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, far too many of our hospitals and facilities are not protecting us. For more than a month, frontline Oregon health care workers and their unions have fought 24/7 for the minimum of COVID-19 protections. However, the vast majority of hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities in Oregon have refused to agree to emergency COVID-19 protections for health care workers; and after our courageous health care workers helped flatten the curve to delay Oregon’s surge, it is critical that employers treat their workers with the respect and dignity they deserve and do everything in their power to protect nurses, first responders and all essential workers. That's why we're asking Governor Brown to insist that health care employers come to the table with their workers and get COVID-19 protections in place before the lives of Oregon health care providers are lost.  

By signing this petition, you take direct action to remedy this crisis by urging Governor Brown to intervene in this extraordinary public health and workers’ rights emergency. Stand with frontline healthcare workers in Oregon, who’ve already gone too long caring for COVID-19 workers without adequate protections.

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To: Governor Kate Brown and Oregon's Hospitals and Health Care Employers
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Governor Brown: Protect the Frontline Health Care Workers Who Are Protecting Oregon

Oregon nurses, home health care providers, certified nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, doctors, and other essential workers across our state are stepping up every day for their communities. They are risking their lives to serve the public during an international pandemic.

While frontline health care professionals and workers are battling COVID-19 around the clock, their employers are resisting their legal right to negotiate. Health care workers know what they need. They have multiple proposals ready to go about appropriate PPE and what to do when it runs out, the cost of testing and medical care, paid leave, and job protections. They need assurances about what happens when they become COVID-19 victims themselves. They should not be financially harmed when they put themselves in harms way for the greater good. The hospitals and facilities that employ them owe them the respect to come to the table and negotiate in good faith.

Health care employers in Oregon will be looking to Governor Brown and the Oregon legislature for a Hospital Relief Bill to lessen the financial impact from COVID-19 on the industry. This puts the Governor in an ideal position to require employers to protect the community heroes who are serving the public in this desperate struggle. We are asking you to act immediately on behalf of Oregon workers who are struggling to secure the protections and pay they need in the fight against COVID-19. This is a life or death situation.

Governor Brown, please save the lives of Oregon nurses, frontline health care professionals and other workers providing essential services. By tying Oregon health care funding to COVID-19 protections for workers, Governor Brown can take immediate action keep our community heroes alive and financially whole. Convene an emergency meeting of all Oregon hospitals and major health care employers; direct them to work with the unions representing essential workers to address their critical needs around COVID-19 protections. Make clear that you expect them to stay at the table until a deal is done!