Protect Montana’s Apprentices, Journey Workers and high quality work!

Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Montana's apprentices and journey workers need your help to protect their wages, the quality of their training and the safety of the public. Changes are being proposed by Governor Gianforte’s Department of Labor that will impact the working conditions and development of apprentices in Montana.

The proposed changes would decrease the apprentice to journey worker ratio to one-to-one with the addition of pre-apprentices that will add even more untrained workers. These changes will only lead to more workplace hazards, depressed wages throughout the trades and a lower standard of training and development for new workers.

A public hearing is scheduled for October 12 and we need your voice today to protect our workforce.

Let Governor Gianforte and the Montana Department of Labor know that you oppose these changes and support the attached amendment.

Protect Montana’s apprentices, protect Montana’s workers.

Click HERE to view our proposed language changes that will protect Montana’s apprentices.

To: Montana Department of Labor and Industry
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned, as members of the Montana electrical, plumbing and construction industries and public believe that it is necessary for the safety and quality of training for apprentices and the ensured security of the existing journeyman/licensed workforce and safety of the public to include the proposed changes, linked below this petition, to the language proposed by the State of Montana in the Montana Administrative Register Notice 24-21-378.

Without this additional language and changes, we don’t support the changes proposed by the State of Montana.