Qantas Board

Save Qantas Jobs

Qantas has been found by the Federal Court to have illegally sacked and outsourced 2,000 workers in the middle of a global crisis.

A survey of these workers showed three quarters have not been able to secure full-time work since they were axed by Qantas. They want their jobs back.

Qantas wants to drag this out and cause more stress to workers by lodging an appeal.

Whether you're an outsourced worker or you want to support their fight, add you name to workers' letter to the Qantas board calling on them not to sign off on an appeal and urgently give these workers their jobs back.

Use the form on this page to add your name to the letter below.

To: Qantas Board
From: [Your Name]

Dear Qantas board,

We write to you following the Federal Court judgment which recognised that a decision by Qantas management to outsource our jobs was unlawful.

Many of us sat through the court proceedings and it didn’t make for very pleasant listening. Hearing that the pandemic was seen as a “vanishing window” of a “transformational opportunity” was devastating. We were deliberately targeted because we were about to begin negotiations for better pay and conditions. This is an important right under Australian law, one which even the Governor of the Reserve Bank has encouraged workers to do in order to lift wages. We lost jobs that we loved and we lost the livelihoods that helped support our families. To think our outsourcing was considered a chance to off-load us because we were prepared to stand up for ourselves is despicable.

We want you to know that few of us have been able to move on. Most have not been able to get full-time work, even less using the skills that we have built up from our time working at the airport. Many of us want our jobs back and we are ready to start work.

We’ve got two simple requests for you so that our suffering is not dragged on any longer:
1. Tell Qantas management to drop the plan to appeal; and
2. Tell Qantas management to immediately offer outsourced workers our jobs back.

This is your chance as a board member to stand up for those who helped build Qantas and ensure confidence among the Australian community, which has done so much since the start of the pandemic to support Qantas.

We urge a reset on the culture in Qantas and a rethink on its attitude to those who should be the most important asset: its workers.

We would be happy to meet you to discuss further how we can help Qantas rebuild for the future.