Invest in Connecticut So We All #ThriveTogether

General Assembly Caucus Leaders and Gov. Lamont

Connecticut can overcome the challenges we face. We need investment in vital public services to create an economy that works for everyone.

We need investment in vital public services to create an economy that works for everyone. And we need to raise revenue in a fair fashion to reduce wage and income inequality in our state.

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Over the past 30 years, the way people make and spend money has changed. But Connecticut’s tax code has failed to keep up. This has left our vital public structures and services powerless to remedy some of the critical problems faced by Connecticut’s working- and middle-class people.

Over time, Connecticut has become one of the most unequal states in the country, which has slowed economic growth, and denied opportunities for millions of working- and middle-class families.

Who benefits from this inaction? Really no one. Yet there are some powerful but short-sighted institutions that fight hard to prevent the changes Connecticut needs:

* Large corporations that use a host of tricks to avoid paying taxes in Connecticut, while paying poverty wages to their employees, further straining government resources.

* Online retailers, as many online sales are not captured by Connecticut’s sales tax, putting traditional storefronts at a disadvantage and depriving the state of important revenue.

* Some very wealthy individuals who value paying less in state and local taxes than working- and middle-class families who are currently paying more than their fair share.

Who is harmed by this inaction? Everyone else.

We need to fix this imbalance to rebuild the communities and economies that have made our state great.

As Connecticut’s laws have failed to keep up, the middle and working classes are being crushed by a tax code trying to squeeze every last cent out of an outdated model. While small businesses that play by the rules are crushed, big business groups funded by the largest beneficiaries of our state’s outdated tax system have spent millions of dollars lobbying politicians to preserve the structural problems in Connecticut’s tax code.

Corporate special interests instead have attacked the wages and benefits of union workers in the name of cutting costs, but deepened our troubles by lowering standards and undermining wages and benefits for all workers.

There is a way out.

We need to update our tax code to reflect the changes of the last 30 years, to stop right wing politicians from undermining worker benefits, and to improve workers’ ability to negotiate living wages and benefits. Doing so will help provide fair living standards for all workers, and provide a level playing field for good businesses that provide fair wages and good benefits.