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Thank you for signing the petition to help raise the wage to $15/hour in the City of Sonoma! Please visit NorthBayJobsWithJustice.org to sign up for our mailing list or read more about our campaign under "campaigns" called Raise the Wage! You can read reports, get our fact sheets, or download this petition in paper form to distribute. Thank you!

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​We, the undersigned residents of the City of Sonoma, support a $15 an hour citywide minimum wage phased in by July 1, 2020 (rather than Jan 2023 with the State of California). The law will cover all employees who work at least 2 hours a week within the city. According to the UC Berkeley Labor Center, 2000 low-wage workers in our city will see their wages increase, and when fully phased in the average earnings of affected workers will increase by $2900 annually.​ Workers who will benefit by the law are 33 years old on average, contribute one-half of their family’s annual income and the majority are women, immigrants, and workers of color.​ We urge you, City Council, to continue the work you've done to help support our community's economic development by ensuring a more livable minimum wage in the City of Sonoma.