Raise Wages Not Walls

President Trump

My name is Ana Gomez. I'm a proud DREAMer, an activist for fair pay, a wife and a mother of three, and a contract worker at the U.S. Senate.

But activists like me are being targeted for deportation, because we're organizing for justice and fair pay. Will you add your name to my petition, and tell Trump to raise wages, not walls?
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To: President Trump
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Dear President Trump,

Ana is a DREAMer, a wife and a mother, and a contract worker at the U.S. Senate. She serves our lawmakers and their staffers everyday and provides for her family, including her husband who is very sick with kidney disease.

Ana must be allowed the right to stay in the United States. Please, raise wages not walls. Protect DREAMers like Ana and their families from the threat of deportation.

Thank you.