Reject Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor



On November 18, President-Elect Donald Trump announced that he would appoint Mike Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, as his National Security Advisor. Among appointees who give us cause for concern, Flynn’s forced retirement due to his breaches of security protocol, his willingness to make up facts, and his twisted ideas about Islam, make him particularly ill-suited to be a key figure in charge of national security and U.S. military strategy.

Flynn was known during his time as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for making facts up -- and rejecting fact-checks from his colleagues. He has a poor recent track record with conflicts of interest. His consulting firm took a contract with an organization directly affiliated with Turkish President Erdogan’s government while he was receiving classified intelligence briefings on the campaign trail. This is cause for worry about his conflicts of interest -- and his willingness to comply with laws governing them.

To make matters worse, since he left the Defense Intelligence Agency, his rhetoric about Muslims has become increasingly twisted. Lt. Gen. Flynn has called Islam “a cancer” and believes it isn’t a religion, but a political ideology. He also sits on the board of ACT! For America, a group that advocates for federal, state, and local laws against the imposition of sharia law -- a straw man constructed to justify harsh treatment of Muslims -- and whose founder believes that Muslims cannot ever belong in the United States.

These are serious concerns about Flynn’s capacity to do this job right. We must oppose Flynn’s nomination, for the safety of Muslims in the United States -- and for all people abroad. Our national security policy changes the lives of people worldwide. Lt. Gen. Flynn is a liability for all of us.

Too few members of Congress have spoken out about Lt. Gen. Flynn’s appointment. We need their voices on this issue. Call now.
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