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Donald Trump has spent the first two-and-a-half years of his presidency undoing labor protections that have taken generations to build. Now, he’s nominated a Labor Secretary who has spent his career fighting for the interests of financial firms, corporate executives and shareholders rather than the interests of working people.

As a corporate attorney, Eugene Scalia, has fought against the Department of Labor as he’s represented major corporations ranging from Walmart to Wall Street banks.

And, according to Politico, “Scalia has represented a range of corporate clients in complaints related to workplace sexual harassment.” In 2001, the now-late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) stated in Scalia’s confirmation hearing during the George W. Bush administration, “[Scalia] has said that employers should not be strictly liable in sexual harassment cases unless they expressly endorse the conduct of the harasser.”

In the midst of the #MeToo movement and at a time when workers’ rights are under constant attack, we must demand a Labor Secretary who stands up for the rights of all working people―not one who defends misogyny and corporate greed.

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Whether it’s refusing to defend Obama-era overtime rules in federal court; proposing a rule that would allow restaurant owners to steal the tips of millions of tipped workers; siding with big business over working people in workplace disputes ranging from fair pay to discrimination to sexual harassment, and much more―Donald Trump is pursuing one of the most hostile anti-labor agendas in modern history. Now, he’s nominated a Secretary of Labor who has spent his career fighting the Department of Labor, consistently siding with corporations, CEOs and shareholders over the rights of working people. We demand that the U.S. Senate reject the nomination of Eugene Scalia as Secretary of the Department of Labor.