Release everyone at Farmville detention center

Governor Northam, Senator Warner & Senator Kaine

Thirty seven people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Virginia detention centers so far.

La ColectiVA is asking Governor Northam, Senator Warner, and Senator Kaine to make a public statement calling on ICE to immediately release all people detained in Virginia detention centers and contact ICE officials directly with the same demands.

Our goal is to get 1000 signatures by Wednesday, June 24.

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To: Governor Northam, Senator Warner & Senator Kaine
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We urge your office to make a public statement in support of people detained at the ICA-Farmville detention center:

ICE must immediately release all people at this center and in all Virginia facilities.

Earlier this month about a 100 people detained at ICA-Farmville launched a hunger strike in response to multiple reports of a COVID-19 outbreak. Dorm 7 was quarantined, and six people were moved into isolation. The hunger strike ended after strikers faced retaliation, including being placed in solitary confinement. The quarantine on Dorm 7 was lifted after two weeks, but within a few days there were new reports of people with COVID-19 symptoms in a nearby dorm. The second dorm is now under quarantine and at least one person has been moved into isolation. While officers are given personal protective equipment (PPE), no protection has been provided for those detained at ICA-Farmville, despite being unable to socially distance to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19.

During this pandemic, ICE has continued their efforts to deport people. Currently, Guatemala is reporting that 50-75% of the people deported to Guatemala are testing positive for COVID-19. If your office does not immediately order large scale releases, it will be responsible for greater spread of the illness and even greater loss of life.​

Updated 5/21/20 to add:

We urge your office to call for the release of everyone in immigration detention in Virginia:

ICE must immediately release all people in immigration detention in Virginia.
People trapped in detention centers cannot socially distance and are therefore extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. Five people have already tested positive for COVID-19 in Virginia detention centers. The number of actual cases is likely higher because of a severe lack of testing. Every day that immigrants remain detained poses a serious threat to their safety.

We are calling for the release of all people detained in these facilities, so they may return to their communities. Please join us by sending a letter to the ICE Field Office Director Russell Hott and Assistant Field Office Director James Mullan urging them to release everyone in detention. ICE has 100% authority to release everyone in their custody.

The conditions in ICA-Farmville and other immigrant detention centers across the state are dangerous and are deteriorating every day. People detained at ICA-Farmville were engaged in a hunger strike last month protesting the conditions and the treatment by staff at the facility. The atrocities that occur in these detention centers do not reflect the values of our communities.

We will continue to call for the release of people detained, and as your constituents we would appreciate your support. Can we count on you to join your colleagues by sending a letter to ICE, making a statement, and publicly supporting the release of every person detained?