Rent Control Now!

Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom and Governor-Elect J.B. Pritzker

In every state in the nation, rent is going up and up. There is no state where a low-income household can afford a basic apartment. Millions of households live just one paycheck away from eviction.

Corporate landlords profit from this insecurity. Whether you rent an apartment in the city, a single family home in the suburbs, or pay lot rent in a manufactured home community, Wall Street's predatory model is harming all of us. Speculative landlords are are taking over our neighborhoods, raising our rents and evicting us or our neighbors.

From Illinois to California to New York we are calling on our Governors to take action. We demand that they stop rent hikes and strengthen and expand rent controls.

While tenants are rising up, the private equity backed real estate industry is striking back. Wall Street landlords are spending millions and millions of dollars lining the pockets of politicians and funding messaging campaigns against rent control. Their goal: profit, by any means.

But the tenant movement is stronger than ever.

Across the country, tenants are rising up for rent control. Stand with them.

To: Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom and Governor-Elect J.B. Pritzker
From: [Your Name]

The renter movement is stronger than ever -- and it is growing. Millions of your constituents rent their homes -- over 8 million in New York and over 17 million in California. But these families -- your constituents -- suffer from a lack of basic housing security or renters' rights.

Tenants' rights are an economic and social justice issue. If you are serious about addressing inequality and reducing poverty in your State, it is time to show leadership by confronting the rental housing crisis head-on and passing stronger rent controls.

It's time to choose. Do you stand with us, or do you stand with corporate landlords?

We are calling on you to do the following in the next session:

First, institute a statewide moratorium on rent hikes caused by weak or non-existent regulations in your state.

Second, expand the number of renters protected by rent controls to cover all households -- regardless of where, or in what type of housing they live.

Tenants are watching.