Reopen Proposals for Sear Lane

Mayor Miro Weinberger

The residents of the Sears Lane Community in Burlington, VT are in crisis. The city is attempting to forcibly evict this long-established encampment. Not only is this inhumane, it is cruel because it is on the precipice of the state's most dangerous season - winter. It goes without saying that this is doubly worrisome during a pandemic that has unhoused several and has killed more than a half a million in this country alone.

Everyone has a right to live and flourish on this planet. Those of the Sears Lane Community are no different. Our capitalist society makes it extremely difficult for those that don't make the cut for its exclusive club to make ends meet. Especially in times like these, we have to stand in solidarity against this colonialist mindset that has caused unnecessary violence worldwide. The looming eviction of Sears Lane is just one example of this of many.
What can you do to help? Here are some links to help inform as well as to mobilize supporters.

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To: Mayor Miro Weinberger
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We would like to speak to you about what it would take to keep Sears Lane open for the homeless population who currently have no other options. ​We are calling on you to reopen the proposal process for 30 days and participate in good faith discussion with the people you’ve displaced.