Resist UK government plans for overdevelopment

Royal Borough of Kingston Council

Phil Bevin

We need to defend the historic character of our Royal Borough from bad planning and over-development

Petition by
Phillip Bevin
London, United Kingdom

To: Royal Borough of Kingston Council
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned, demand that Kingston Council, resist UK government plans to loosen restrictions on zonal planning, giving housing developments in growth areas "permission" in principle

The character of our historic Royal Borough is already threatened by over-development from

-the proposed 300 new units on the former site of Homebase in New Malden

-plans to more than double the population of the already overly dense Cambridge Road Estate, with no guarantees that existing healthcare services will be protected

-proposals for a 17-storey tower block in Kingston town centre and

-the Cocks Crescent redevelopment in New Malden

We are calling on RBK to put forward a motion to full Council that:

-Explicitly opposes the UK governments plans for "permission in principle" for growth areas on grounds that it is undemocratic

-Supports in principle the establishing of Town Councils in Kingston, so as to give residents a greater say in the planning process

-Commits RBK to low density development, that prioritises real council housing as opposed to the construction of properties for private sale and "London Affordable Rent" tenures

-Prioritises low rise development of social homes at true council rent

-Advocates the contracting of small local firms to provide the high quality, low, cost, relatively low density council housing that this Borough needs

- Rejects government plans to abolish Section 106 agreements

-Rejects planning permission in principle for any development doubling or more than doubling the density of an existing housing estate