Save Denali Schools! Respect Denali Teachers!

Summit Public Schools

Dear Denali School Community and supporters,

We, the teachers of Unite Summit, have launched this petition in the face of a great crisis at our Denali Middle and High Schools in Sunnyvale. Just last week, and without the input of any of the Denali Community (teachers, parents, or students), Summit Public Schools CEO Dianne Tavenner announced abruptly that she would be closing our schools at the end of the school year.

We are carefully analyzing the information we are receiving regarding the financial rationale Summit has given for this abrupt decision. We are continuing to advocate that our schools to remain open. We know this is the best for our students and communities.

This has affected us all in tremendous ways. We have reached out to Summit to initiate the negotiations process as is our right as teachers--so that we have a say in the process of what happens next if schools do close. Teachers must have more access to the process so that they may advocate for themselves and their students.  Despite multiple communications asserting our rights, we have received no response.

Please support us in our advocacy to keep our schools open and our demand to negotiate over the effects these closures will have on our teachers!

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To: Summit Public Schools
From: [Your Name]

Unite Summit teachers were incredibly disheartened to be informed by Summit CEO Dianne Tavenner that their Denali Schools will close at the end of the school year.

Not only was this decision made without community input, but it was also announced abruptly and without teacher or parent insight over the best way to do it with our students in mind.

We've heard from parents who are devastated their students will not be able to continue at Summit. We've heard from teachers trying to balance their concerns about the mental health of their students with their own worries over health care.

These closures will have numerous detrimental effects on our students and teachers. We demand that you show respect for your teachers and students by:

1) Working to Keep Denali Schools Open! These schools are crucial learning communities for over 600 students and their families.

2) Honoring your legal obligation to your teachers and negotiating all effects of the potential school closures. In the event you do close schools, our teachers need to be able to support their students as they face these potential closures, and do not need to be burdened with even more uncertainty.