Reverse Halprin's Death Sentence from Racist/Anti-Semitic Judge!

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Randy Halprin is on death row in Texas and is scheduled for execution on October 10, 2019, even though he never killed anyone. Halperin was in a Texas prison and participated in an escape with six other prisoners which eventually resulted in the murder of a police officer by a different escapee. Texas is a state with a so-called "Law of Parties" which holds all participants in a crime equally culpable for the actions of an individual.

Judge Vickers Cunningham sentenced Randy Halprin to death, however, evidence has arisen to demonstrate that Judge Cunningham referred to Mr. Halprin as “that fuckin’ Jew” and a “goddamn kike.” He ascribed to at least one old anti-Semitic trope and believed that Jews “needed to be shut down because they controlled all the money and all the power.” Under settled Texas and federal law, these beliefs and statements clearly meet the definition of bias.

Read the Amicus brief filed on September 5th by various Jewish organizations and more than 100 Jewish Texas lawyers. Read more background on this case here and here. Please sign and share this petition!

NOTE: Unless relief is granted in this case, the addressee of this petition may be adjusted to the next party with decision-making authority and resubmitted to that authority.

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Even while it is not disputed that he never killed anyone, the question of Randy Halprin's guilt and culpability in the murder of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins is not at issue. Some of us who sign this petition may even support the death penalty in theory. However, we are unified in our belief that the law in Texas and in the United States must be applied without bias. There is no question that the judge who sentenced Randy Halprin to death is a racist and an anti-semite. We urge that Halprin's conviction and death sentence be set aside and that he be given a new and fair trial under the jurisdiction of an unbiased court. Thank you.