Rezoning Moratorium For Highway 90

Horry County Council

The safety of the residents of The Highway 90 Corridor

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Conway, South Carolina

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With the explosive development that has been happening and will continue to happen along the Highway 90 corridor, this road is nearing capacity and has become increasingly dangerous. This country two-lane highway was not designed for the amount of vehicle traffic that travels it on a daily basis.

In fact, this road has flooded in 3 places multiple times in the past, with increasing frequency. This strands residents in the Tilly Swamp community, since they can't reach Highway 22 due to flooding at Jones Big Swamp. They can't reach International Drive due to flooding at Tilly Swamp. They can't reach Highway 905 due to flooding at the Waccamaw River on Old Reaves Ferry Road. This has created a very unsafe situation for these residents, since they can't get out and emergency vehicles can't get in.

The fire and EMS protection is inadequate due to the fact that we do not have a manned fire station in Tilly Swamp and the closest one is almost 6 miles away. HCFR Station 12 is un-manned, has no EMS, and lacks sufficient equipment and apparatus for defensive attack, much less, offensive or search and rescue for dwellings constructed to MRD-1 standards. The problem of inadequate fire and EMS services is amplified during flooding events that close roads.

This is an area where many new, high-density developments are located and many new ones are being proposed. We MUST consider the safety of these and future residents. Other residents closer to Conway have had trouble getting into Conway in the past due to flooding at Sterritt Swamp. This highway is especially dangerous during the hours of 7:00-9:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM.

There have been many accidents along this highway in the last 3 or 4 years, including 8 fatalities. The SCDOT has recognized the safety issues and reduced the speed limit on Highway 90 to 45 MPH, but there are no funds available now or in the future for any improvements.

For the safety of those who live in and travel on the Highway 90 Corridor, we are asking county council to place a moratorium on new rezonings on the Highway 90 corridor until we can get improvements to the road and the land development regulations. We can't continue to approve high density rezonings! If developers need to develop now and can’t wait for improvements to the highway, they will have to develop under current zoning.

Horry County MUST stop playing Russian Roulette with the lives of Highway 90 citizens. The County is “taking” away the right to live in a safe environment from the citizens of Highway 90. That is what “takings” really means.

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