Right to Release

NSW State Government MPs


Cats and dogs who are used in medical research are currently euthanised, when they are no longer of use. The Right to Release bill will give these cats and dogs hope and the chance to experience life  and freedom in loving homes for the first time.

Supporting this bill, through signing our petition sends a message to the government and the opposition that the people of NSW think these animals deserve better, and that after enduring years of painful procedures and deprivation they deserve a chance at happiness.

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This Bill could save hundreds of companion animals each year.

Most of us consider cats and dogs to be extended members of the family. Yet hundreds of cats and dogs are still used for medical experimentation in Australia today. Current laws allow for healthy animals to be killed at the end of experimentation.

The Animal Justice Party is fighting to change those laws.

We call on the NSW Government to support the Animal Justice Party's Right To Release Bill that will ensure cats and dogs in medical research are offered up for rehoming rather than killed.

Together we can give these animals the chance to be released and live a happy life. The Right to Release Bill which is currently tabled in NSW Parliament will ensure healthy cats and dogs are offered to rescue groups for rehoming rather than killed at the end of experimentation.