Tell Roblox to remove this violent, racist game


A screenshot of the title screen of Zulu Wars.

Roblox is an open source gaming platform with over 12.2 million users in the US and Canada. According to Roblox’s own data, 52% of players are under the age of 12.

Zulu Wars, a game on the Roblox platform, is a military simulation game where players act as British soldiers colonizing South Africa. The Zulu people are depicted as grunting battle scarred savages with apparel mimicking traditional Zulu attire. Put simply, Zulu Wars is a game that mocks Zulu people and encourages Roblox players to hunt and kill African people.

Young white men are being radicalized by anti-Black games and conspiracies online. Zulu Wars is one game of many that may lead to a path of white supremacy. Racist games like Zulu Wars contribute to anti-Black ideas and romanticize gun violence.

Zulu Wars has been played nearly 20 million times. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that children who play video games are desensitized to violence and may begin to adopt the ideologies presented to them.

We know that the ideas fueling Zulu Wars have a deadly impact. Like the mass shooter who murdered 10 Black people in their neighborhood grocery store, young white boys are being radicalized by social media and online gaming platforms.

Roblox, it’s time to take down Zulu Wars.

To: Roblox
From: [Your Name]

So many of us are working to ensure our kids have access to information about racial justice, anti-racism, and the movement for Black Lives. We shouldn’t have to worry about Roblox glorifying anti-Black violence and perpetuating anti-Black racism.

Zulu Wars is just one way young boys are learning ideas that mass violence makes them strong. The characters, dressed in stereotypical and exaggerated attire, mock African culture and dehumanize Black people. During a year where we have seen more racially motivated mass shootings and hate events, there is no excuse.

Roblox needs to take Zulu Wars down.