Save Bulleen Art and Garden from North East Link

The North East Link Authority & the Victorian State Government

Bulleen Art & Garden (BAAG) is under serious threat from the proposed construction of the NE Link. We are now asking our community help us to survive.

BAAG is an innovative garden centre which provides a visitor experience not seen elsewhere in Melbourne. In fact people in the garden industry say we are unique in the world with our focus on art, environment and a wide range of rare and unusual plants.

We have been operating from 6 Manningham Rd West in Bulleen for 50 years, and under the current family ownership for over 35 years. BAAG is proudly an integral part of the local community.

BAAG’s approach is driven by a continued commitment to nurturing creativity and community. BAAG inspires, enables and educates our community to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

For more details go to BAAG's website page

Please help us by signing this petition and spreading the word.

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Bulleen Art and Garden
Melbourne, Australia

To: The North East Link Authority & the Victorian State Government
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We the community of Bulleen Art & Garden call on the North East Link Authority and the Victorian State Government to ensure that the route taken by the North East Link project allows for Bulleen Art & Garden (BAAG) to continue to operate at its current location.

BAAG is a unique and innovative garden, art and environmental hub, and can only continue to be most effective in its vital community role by remaining at the current location; one which is an urban oasis providing direct connections to the community, Yarra Parklands and the Valley of the Arts.