Save Chester Hill

Canterbury-Bankstown Council

Save Chester Hill: Stop Over-Development: No to 18 Storeys

Chester Hill is at risk of over-development with a proposal to upzone Chester Square for an 18 storey high-rise complex.

The proposal for 633 new units in Chester Hill will substantially increase density and further increase pressure on our community infrastructure.

Waldron Road is excessively congested and Chester Hill railway station does not have a lift nor will there be any trains to Bankstown from 2024 onwards.

The Canterbury Bankstown Local Planning Panel has approved the proposal for redeveloping Chester Square on 17 August 2020 for consideration by Canterbury Bankstown Council on 22 September 2020.

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Save Chester Hill's objectives are:

  • Maintain Sydney Trains Network passenger services for Chester Hill
  • An accessibility upgrade for Chester Hill station including lift access
  • Restore the direct train to City Circle on the Inner West Line: Liverpool via Regents Park
  • Supporting sustainable development in Chester Hill and surrounding suburbs
  • Protecting our local environment and parkland

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The proposed redevelopment of Chester Square for 18 storeys is not suited to Chester Hill. There is no strategic merit for the proposal and it is not consistent with the Local Environment Plan. Traffic congestion on Waldron Road and the lack of existing transport infrastructure will only worsen from an increase in over-development in Chester Hill. We urge Canterbury-Bankstown Council to reject this proposal.