FCC: Save Our Jobs in the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

FCC Federal Communications Commission

Support our fight to keep good jobs right here in the USA. Both T-Mobile and Sprint have a track record of closing call centers and retail stores while offshoring work to other countries and outsourcing to lower wage contractors in the USA.

Approval of the merger will add additional pressure on the new company to lay off hundreds or even thousands of employees post merger.
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As front-line workers in retail sales and call centers, and as telecommunications technicians, we are concerned that the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint will mean the loss of many American jobs, cuts in wages and commissions and a corresponding reduction in quality to our customers.

Before approving the proposed merger, we ask you to require solid and verifiable assurances that the new company will not discard the front-line workers who have made T-Mobile and Sprint so successful. The companies must commit to:

* Secure our jobs without cuts to compensation,
* Bring back outsourced jobs from overseas and in the USA, and
* Respect our rights on the job by putting an end to labor law violations.

Without guarantees that our jobs will be protected, this merger should be rejected.