Save the “Cloud Garden” green open space for Bruce Grove

Haringey Council

We, Friends of Bruce Grove Cloud Garden, want to save the land behind 7-9 Bruce Grove with its trees, birds and other wildlife and to commemorate Luke Howard, the “namer of clouds” who lived at No 7, and make it available to the community.

We need the Council to Compulsorily Purchase the land from its owners who want to build housing on it, even though it is a designated Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and Significant Local Open Land.

Thanks to Friends of the Earth for hosting the petition. NB your data will only be used for the Cloud Garden campaign.

To: Haringey Council
From: [Your Name]

Haringey Council, please save the "Cloud Garden" site behind 7-9 Bruce Grove from development and for community benefit, by making a compulsory purchase of it.