Save the NEA


The latest budget proposal threatens to defund the National Endowment for the Arts.

The NEA has been a force in creating arts in our country, largely through its grant programs. Most grants are $20,000 or less, and each dollar generates up to nine dollars in other funds. Almost half of the projects receiving grants create work in high-poverty areas, and they seek projects that help underserved populations such as people with disabilities and veterans.

With the NEA’s help, American arts and culture has experienced continued growth over the last 15 years, even through recession. A loss of federal funding will put about 5 million jobs at risk. Thousands of Americans are employed by the arts and culture sector, in all 50 states. The loss of this funding, and the jobs that come with it, would be staggering to the US economy.

Protecting the NEA is imperative. Use the form at the right to add your name to the petition and we’ll deliver it to members of Congress to tell them to save the NEA.

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Eliminating NEA funding will take away essential seed money that supports an industry that creates around 5 million jobs and billions of dollars in wages across the nation. We urge Congress to support the arts by fully funding the National Endowment of the Arts in the 2018 fiscal budget.