Save the Protected Bike Lanes on Market Street!

SFMTA Board, SFCTA Board, SF Board of Supervisors

Better Market Street

In October 2019, after nearly ten years of community outreach, the SFMTA Board approved the Better Market Street plan. This once in a generation update to our main civic boulevard included sidewalk-level protected bike lanes the length of Market Street, shown in the rendering above. This facility was a hard-won victory for bicycle advocates and was to provide a safe and pleasant cycling experience for all ages and abilities.

Now, the SFMTA want to re-open the project and throw out the protected bike lanes from the plan, instead forcing cyclists to share the curb lane with taxis and delivery vehicles. This will lock in place for another generation the current unsafe conditions on Market Street where cyclists regularly risk injury and death due to careless drivers. Additionally, all Muni vehicles will be forced to use the center lane, creating more delays for transit riders compared to the previously approved plan.

Please sign this petition and tell the SFMTA that we need safe cycling facilities on Market Street!

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To: SFMTA Board, SFCTA Board, SF Board of Supervisors
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Please keep the protected bike lanes in the plans for Better Market Street. The proposed update to the plan is barely different to the status quo and would not be a safe and welcoming facility for all ages and abilities. Cyclists need a bike lane on Market Street that is not shared with vehicles.