Save U.S. Domestic Aluminum Production

President Donald J. Trump

Alcoa Intalco Works, the largest capacity aluminum smelter in the United States and one of only seven left nationwide, recently announced it was closing its Ferndale, Washington facility. Allowing the facility to close would do significant and irreversible damage to our nation's capacity to produce aluminum, severely weakening our domestic supply chain and jeopardizing our national security. Furthermore, the closure would leave 700 hard-working men and women jobless and devastate the local economy.

Please join us in asking the President to use all existing avenues, such as the Defense Production Act, to save this plant and this strategically important industry.

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I am writing to request your assistance in preserving U.S. domestic aluminum production capability and saving 700 aluminum smelting jobs at Alcoa Intalco Works in Ferndale, Washington. On April 22, Alcoa leadership made public their plan to shut down this strategically important aluminum smelter, one of only seven primary aluminum smelters remaining in the United States, and the only one remaining in the Pacific Northwest.

Allowing this facility to close would do significant and irreversible damage to our nation's capacity to produce aluminum, severely weaken our domestic supply chain and jeopardize our national security, particularly in times of national emergency or foreign conflict.

Other U.S. aluminum producers have been forced out of business, unable to compete with cheap Chinese steel dumped on the world market without regard for international trade laws. While China boasts approximately 150 aluminum smelters and produces 44 million tons per year, the U.S. produces only 1.8 million tons per year.

Our reliance on foreign aluminum has become painfully apparent during the COVID-19 crisis, when high-quality aluminum is needed quickly to manufacture ventilators, hospital beds and other vital medical equipment.

I know from your administration's record that you rightly prioritize increasing strategic domestic production and strengthening U.S. manufacturing. Please use all existing federal authorities, such as the Defense Production Act, the National Defense Stockpile Act and an expansion of Buy America requirements, to save this facility and these jobs.

Mr. President, I respectfully request your assistance in helping to save this industry.