Say "No" to Subsidizing Amazon, Say "Yes" to a Fair Budget



Over the past few decades, the District government has supported policies that have driven massive economic growth in the District. It has become standard for the District to offer billions of dollars of public land, tax breaks and lucrative contracts to private companies to build luxury condominiums and businesses for new residents. This growth has largely benefited white District residents (many of whom are new to the District), while long time Black and Brown District communities continue to experience far higher rates of homelessness and housing insecurity, hunger, and maternal death, and earn far lower incomes and wages than their white counterparts. This growth has also led to an enormous increase in the cost of living in the District, effectively displacing over 40,000 residents of color.

The Bowser Administration has continued in this tradition, brokering deals with developers to drive economic development across the District. They are currently considering offering Amazon potentially over $1 billion in tax breaks, land and financial incentives to build its second headquarters in the District.

This year, the Mayor, Council and Administration must prioritize the District’s Black and Brown residents over the world’s wealthiest people and businesses. They must fund housing security, food access, healthcare, community safety, and economic justice before lining the pockets of the richest man in the world and those like him.

The DC Fair Budget Coalition has compiled a list of initiatives that the District must prioritize in this year’s budget to help move us towards addressing the social, racial, and economic disparities that plague our region.

Join us in urging the Bowser Administration and the Council to say “No” to subsidizing Amazon, and yes to supporting Black and Brown communities.

Click this link to view Fair Budget Coalition's full platform:

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I’m writing today to urge you to say “no” to subsidizing Amazon, and instead, prioritize the needs of the District’s Black and Brown communities in this year’s budget. We need a budget that addresses the social, economic, and racial inequalities that plague our region and supports housing security, economic justice, food access, healthcare, and community safety. Specifically, I support the 25 priorities developed by the DC Fair Budget Coalition to help us move towards a more just and inclusive District of Columbia. This budget will help lead us to a District that supports strong and stable communities, that allows low-income Black and non-Black communities of color to live in dignity, and that makes it possible for all residents to achieve economic security.

Thank you for your consideration.