Say NO to Vouchers and Privatization

Wisconsin Legislature


Public schools in Wisconsin have seen some of the deepest funding cuts in the nation. At the same time, Governor Walker and Republican legislators have dramatically increased taxpayer subsidies for voucher and private charter schools. Now the Governor is calling for even more funds to be taken away from public schools so that spending can be increased on private voucher schools. He has also called for opening the door to allow private, for profit charter schools to operate statewide with no oversight or authority from local school boards and property taxpayers. Funding for these private charter schools will come right out of the classrooms of your local public schools and local taxpayers will have no say in the operation of these schools, even though they will be funded with taxpayer dollars.

After the largest cuts to public education in the country, we need to put public schools first.

Please join the local school boards, educators, parents and community groups from all across Wisconsin who oppose unlimited voucher school expansion and privatization of our public schools.

Sign the Petition: Protect our public schools; say no to vouchers and privatization!

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Say NO to Vouchers and Privatization