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We’re building Redress Roundtables and Committees nationwide that will connect organizations and individuals to build a network of public will for direct action and policy recommendations to make tangible change.

Take the pledge to join Redress Neighbors who are working together to desegregate their communities across the country!


By taking this pledge, you’ll be connected to other Redress Neighbors around the country who, like you, want to make change in desegregating our neighborhoods and are looking for like-minded folks. You will receive our latest news wraps, information on ways to connect with Neighbors around the country, and invitations to upcoming events (webinars, trainings, and live streams) from The Redress Movement.

Our goal is to get 2000 Redress Neighbors to Say ‘YES’ to Redress by the end of the year. Will you be one of them?

Help us meet our goal, and SAY "YES" TO REDRESS.

If you want to take the next step in ensuring that The Redress Movement can continue this important work, take the next step and make a (tax deductible) donation and help us do this work on a larger scale for years to come.


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I pledge to join the Redress Movement and build the Public Will needed to Redress our nation’s segregated communities.