Schumer: step aside and allow Bernie Sanders to be Senate Minority Leader

Senator Chuck Schumer

It’s time to #ChuckOutWallSt.

Donald Trump won by channeling anti-establishment anger and worry about long-term economic decline, and pointing the blame at people of color and immigrants. He sold his supporters a racist lie, and gave them an outlet for their rage at a broken system. The only way to stop his disastrous policies now, and beat the Republicans in 2018 and 2020, is through a vision of our own that acknowledges that the system is broken and places the blame where it belongs—with Wall Street, the big corporations, and a political establishment that is beholden to them.

Insisting that trickle-down economics and corporate friendly policies are working is what lost Hillary Clinton the presidency—and that’s why we can’t let Wall Street Democrats like Chuck Schumer lead the party any longer. Schumer, as one of the U.S. Senators who has received the most contributions from Wall Street, exemplifies the establishment that voters across the political spectrum have rejected.

And even more appallingly, these same Democrats who failed to stop Trump are now signaling their willingness to work with him, saying we should “give him a chance to lead” before deciding what to do.

But our generation and country cannot risk ‘waiting to see’ what he’ll do. Already, incidents of racist violence and hate-speech are pouring in from around the nation, and Trump’s early actions suggest he’ll follow through on every one of his terrifying campaign promises.

We need new Democratic party leadership that will fight Trump’s agenda of hate every step of the way and offer an alternative to Trump’s false populism that scapegoats people of color and immigrants. Schumer must step down from consideration for Senate Minority Leader immediately.

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Withdraw your name from consideration for Senate Minority Leader and support Bernie Sanders to lead the Democrats in the Senate.​