Sen. Portman: Vote no on these devastating cuts

Sen. Rob Portman

Investing in Ohio’s communities through job-creation, affordable health care and quality public education is good for families and for the nation.

But rather than focusing on our priorities, Sen. Rob Portman voted for a corporate-pushed federal tax law that gives massive tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy corporations.

Now, President Donald Trump and the Republican leadership argue that we should pay for those tax breaks with drastic cuts to vital programs like Medicaid, Medicare, public education and safety net programs - like food stamps - for Ohioans who need them the most.

Our elected leaders should prioritize funding for job-creation, health care and investing in opportunity for our students over giving tax breaks to the extremely wealthy.

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Oppose any federal budget that makes cuts to vital programs such as infrastructure investment and public education, as well as Medicaid and Medicare and safety net programs for Ohioans who need them the most. Instead of tax breaks for the extremely wealthy, we should make sure families have access to the basics.