Show Some Respect



The networks refuse to pay musicians on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, The Voice and other live television shows when they appear on YouTube and network websites.

Right now musicians working on late-night, award, and other live television shows aren’t paid when shows or clips are “free” to watch online. But these “free” shows aren’t really free—they are supported by paid advertising just like broadcast television.

Other performers are paid residuals when live television shows stream—but the networks do not pay musicians for this work!

Union musicians have been negotiating a new contract for two years, but the networks continue to refuse to pay musicians for all of their work. The contract covers musicians who have regular gigs, but it also includes hundreds of other musicians performing on live shows as guests, as subs, on awards shows, or at sporting events.

Add your name to urge ABC, CBS, and NBC to show some respect by paying musicians when shows stream on YouTube & similar platforms.

From: [Your Name]

Musicians deserve to be paid when their work is streamed on ad-supported platforms like YouTube. You pay performers working on the same late-night, award, and other live television shows, but refuse to pay musicians for this work.

That’s not fair!

Music has value. Please show some respect to musicians by negotiating a contract that pays musicians fairly.