Shropshire is Ready for Twenty

Shropshire Council


20mph limits make streets safer and more welcoming for all. More people will chose to walk, cycle and scooter, improving health and our environment. Bolton & Brighton, Wigan & Westminster - and the whole of Wales - have adopted '20s plenty' - 20mph default limits in residential streets. So far Shropshire has 20mph limits in some villages, outside some schools and in some town centre streets only. Come on Shropshire Council, we are ready for 20! We call on Shropshire Council to replace 30mph with 20mph as the default limit in residential streets.

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Residents want the freedom to choose how they travel. 20mph on our streets brings that choice. People, particularly the elderly, fear the intimidation from high speeds on residential streets and in town and village centres.

* 20mph is normal. In the UK, 21 million people (or 1 in 3 of the population) live in places where their council has decided that a blanket 30mph doesn't suit most streets. Adopting a default speed of 20mph with appropriate exceptions makes their streets better places to live, work, shop and learn.
* 20mph is popular. Seven out of 10 people consistently say they support 20mph speed limits in residential streets[1]. Once installed, 20mph schemes become even more popular and are never removed.
* 20mph is Government policy. The UK recently signed the Stockholm Declaration[2] with 130 other nations, agreeing on a default 20mph limit wherever cyclists and pedestrians mix with motor vehicles. As part of its COVID response in 2020[3], the Government stated "20mph speed limits are being more widely adopted as an appropriate speed limit for residential roads, and many through streets in built-up areas...reducing the speed limit can provide a more attractive and safer environment for walking and cycling".
* 20mph helps the older generation. 20mph is popular because it makes our streets safer, greener and fairer, especially for those with limited sight, hearing or mobility whether due to age or disability.
* 20mph is cost-effective. As well as bringing down casualties, 20mph places have seen a rise of 20% in walking and cycling. No other intervention brings such a favourable cost benefit ratio.
* 20mph is enforceable. A large majority of people want 20mph enforced. Over the past 3 years, Avon & Somerset Police issued 1,300 speeding notices monthly on 20mph streets.

We call on Shropshire Council to replace 30mph with 20mph as the default speed limit in residential streets.