Sign if you agree: Donald Trump himself should be forced to pay for a U.S.-Mexico wall


Donald Trump campaigned for President on building a U.S.-Mexico wall, and said that "Mexico would pay for it."

But now, he is proposing to make American taxpayers pay for the wall—while making the lame excuse that Mexico would just pay us back "later."

If Mexico will pay us back "later," Donald Trump should just pay for the wall out of his own pocket.

It is outrageous to suggest that American taxpayers should have to front billions of dollars, for such a misguided and expensive wall.

Sign if you agree: No taxpayer funds for the U.S.-Mexico wall. Make Donald Trump himself pay for it.

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I am shocked, disgusted & appalled that Donald Trump would promise that "Mexico will pay" for the wall on the campaign trail—but now says the American taxpayers will instead.

If Donald Trump loves the wall so much, and is so sure that Mexico will reimburse us, then he should be the one to front the costs himself. Don't burden the American taxpayers.