SIGN NOW: Demand all 2018 candidates tell voters if they support a “jobs for all” plan that invests in U.S. workers.

All 2018 candidates

President Trump and his party only care about cutting taxes for the rich and the giant corporations, not creating good-paying jobs for millions of working families.

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to guarantee a job paying at least $15 an hour (with health care benefits) to “every American worker who wants or needs one.” Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker have embraced similar plans.

America needs to create millions of jobs -- to rebuild our public infrastructure and move to a renewable energy future. Already, 10,000 Americans have pledged to fight for such an economic agenda.

Tax cuts for the rich won’t create good jobs in communities harmed by racism, segregation, and rural isolation. A nation-wide job guarantee will revitalize neighborhoods and entire regions -- and it will better prepare us against the next economic recession.

Stand with Campaign for America’s Future, Our Revolution, and People’s Action and sign the petition! Call on all 2018 candidates to tell us if they support a “jobs for all” plan -- like Bernie Sanders’ -- that invests in U.S. workers.

To: All 2018 candidates
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The Trump-GOP tax scam has enriched wealthy CEOs and shareholders at the expense of working families. It has not created the millions of jobs promised, nor raised the wages of everyday people.

Senators Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker have put forward detailed plans to guarantee a good-paying job and health care benefits to every U.S. worker who wants one.

We demand that you and all 2018 candidates support a “jobs for all” plan that invests in U.S. workers and invests in our country’s future.

We call on all 2018 candidates to answer this question: "Tell us how you would guarantee a good job at good wages for every single American who wants one."