SIGN NOW: Enact a Clean Energy Standard!


We have a short period of time to stave off the worst impacts of climate change. If Congress acts immediately to advance a clean energy economy we can have a power grid that is 100% carbon-free by 2035.

A Federal Clean Energy Standard would create a performance standard for electricity suppliers, requiring them to meet a certain percentage of renewable energy

Clean energy is not only good policy but it’s also good politics. Data for Progress found that two thirds of voters support a Clean Energy Standard.

This policy will work, and it will also create jobs and ensure justice is at the center of the energy transition. The Clean Electricity Standard will create millions of good-paying jobs, and it is a commitment to confronting systemic environmental injustice that primarily affects Black, brown, and Indigenous communities.

We urge Congress to implement a Federal Clean Energy Standard and commit to clean energy by 2035.

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We call on you to implement a Federal Clean Energy Standard that will help the U.S. chart a way to 100% carbon-free energy by the year 2035.

President Biden campaigned on confronting the climate crisis and building a clean energy economic recovery. Creating a Clean Energy Standard will help us address both of these issues. And it’s overwhelmingly popular with voters--two thirds of all voters support this idea. Even voters that live in states like Texas and Pennsylvania, where fossil fuels are an integral part of the economy, support a clean energy standard.

This initiative will also create good-paying jobs and address environmental injustice in Black, brown, and Indigenous communities. With a clean electricity standard, it can ensure that 40% of new clean energy investments go to communities who are on the front lines of power grid pollution.

Please pass a Federal Clean Energy Standard and help the US get to clean energy by 2035.