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More than 80 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured. Those of us fortunate enough to have insurance can’t afford the high copays and deductibles. We’ve got no recourse when our insurance companies say “no” to something we need.

Be A Hero announced to the world that Ady Barkan will sit down with Democratic presidential candidates for in-depth, one-on-one conversations about health care.

Our mission: to put health care front and center in this election and make sure that every candidate understands that health care in a human right, not a privilege.

Add your name if you agree that health care is a human right, and are ready to join Ady in bringing this message to the 2020 candidates.

Already Uncovered: Health Care Forums with Ady Barkan has been featured in The Washington Post, The Hill, CNN, Politico, and ABC Nightline. But in order to make a big impact on this election, we need everyone speaking out and demanding even more.

Together we can demand universal health care and mobilize our friends and neighbors to elect a health care champion.

We need to know that the candidate we elect believes in universal health care for all. Add your name to join this fight with Ady.

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Health care is a human right. We demand universal health care, and we're ready to fight for it.