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Corporations such as GM and Amazon are seeking combined tax refunds of over $230 million. And they’re not alone. One large profitable corporation after another is getting a massive tax break from the Trump-GOP tax scam.

Two driving factors behind the corporate tax-cut windfalls are the slashing of the corporate tax rate from 35% to just 21%, and a tax break that gives corporations an even deeper half-off discount on foreign profits, thereby encouraging them to outsource jobs and shift profits to tax havens.

Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to bring jobs back to the U.S. But his signature piece of legislation does the exact opposite ― encouraging U.S. based corporations to desert the U.S. for low-wage and low- or no-tax countries offshore.

Sign the petition to Congress demanding that it repeal the Trump-GOP tax cuts for the rich and corporations and make them pay their fair share.

When they do, we’ll be able to invest in our country’s future and begin to lift up working families.

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We demand an immediate repeal of Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Already we are seeing big profitable corporations paying little if any taxes due to the Trump-GOP tax scam. This is because their tax rate was slashed by 40%, and they got an even bigger half-off discount on that new low rate for their offshore profits. This is hurting U.S. jobs and working families, and it must stop.