Sign Now: Stop Trump’s budget that steals from working families to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy

All members of Congress

Donald Trump has just proposed a new federal budget that steals from working families to pay for his massive $1.5 trillion tax cut that largely benefits the wealthy and big corporations.

As if his tax scam weren’t bad enough, he’s planning to pay for it with a budget that would slash critical services for working families and older Americans, including:

  • $1.8 trillion from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and more―kicking millions of seniors, children and people with disabilities off their healthcare;

  • $203 billion from student loans, making it a lot tougher for students to afford college;

  • $215 billion from food stamps, hurting the health of low-income children;

  • And, $1.5  trillion from hundreds of other public investments from schools to highways to medical research and environmental protection―gone!

Stand up to Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans as they attempt to devastate our earned benefits and other critical services for working families (all so they can pay for their massive tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations). Sign the petition today!

Participating organizations:

Americans for Tax Fairness
Center for American Progress
Corporate Accountability
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Good Jobs Nation
People Demanding Action
People For the American Way

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In December, Republicans in Congress passed a tax law, which President Trump signed, that hands over $1.5 trillion in tax breaks―mostly to the wealthy and big corporations. Now, the president has proposed a budget that attempts to pay for those tax cuts by slashing Social Security disability insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and other critical services including food stamps, education and more!

We demand that Congress reject the Trump budget, which does not reflect the priorities of the American people. Instead of cuts to critical services, demand Congress take steps to ensure the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.